General Terms and Conditions for Free Online Booking of Admission Tickets at Herzgrün Music Festival at the Sony Center Berlin


Ordering free online tickets
These General Terms and Conditions for Online Booking apply to the ordering of admission tickets to the “Herzgrün Music Festival at the Sony Center Berlin.” The customer acknowledges them by placing the order.


Online tickets are issued strictly in the name of the orderer. The ticket holder’s information will be checked at the entrance to the booked event. Admission to a concert is only possible with a valid ticket. The customer does not have the right to otherwise reproduce, copy, or modify the ticket in any form whatsoever. If the customer loses and/or misplaces the ticket, the customer is not entitled to attend the event. 
Please print the online ticket after booking or show the ticket on your smart phone, as it is required for admission to the respective concert. It is not possible to use an online ticket more than once, as the respective ticket only applies to a specific concert at the Music Festival.


Limited booking of tickets

For the Herzgrün Music Festival, the booking of free concert tickets is limited to a maximum of 4 tickets per person. This condition for online ordering is indicated in the order process by a respective reference to limited availability of tickets. Booking more than this number of tickets is not possible. Admission tickets can be booked online up to a maximum of 2 hours before the start of the respective concert. After this, any remaining tickets will issued directly on location to interested attendees. If a concert is booked out through online booking, it is worthwhile to come directly to the Music Festival, as sometimes ticket holders for the concerts in question do not come and there are seats available again shortly before the start of the concert for people waiting.


You agree to use the online ticket(s) solely for private use. 
The first and last name you give during registration will be automatically recorded on the online ticket. All personal information such as name, telephone number, or email address that is requested during the booking process will only be used for the purposes of processing the booking or communicating with the concert attendees about the admission ticket. It will not be transmitted to third parties under any circumstances.


Admission/concert attendance
Open seating. Seating not guaranteed. Smoking or the consumption of food and drink brought along during the concert are not permitted. Pyrotechnic articles and similar dangerous objects, and animals are also prohibited. Attendees should be at the event location on time at least 15 minutes before the beginning of the concert.


Unfortunately, admission cannot be guaranteed for late arrivals. The admission staff will decide whether to admit someone late to a booked concert. Staff instructions must be followed. After the concerts, all guests must leave the performance location so that setup and reorganization for the next concert can proceed undisturbed. 
Audio, photo, film, and video recordings of the concerts are not permitted, including for private use. The organizer has the right to take away such recordings or, if technically possible, delete them. The attendee consents to the organizer taking pictures of the attendee for informational and documentary purposes that show the attendee as a participant in the event, copying them, and publishing them in print and audiovisual media. This consent is not subject to remuneration and is unlimited in space and time. 
Attendees may be refused entrance to the event location if there is reason to assume that they will disrupt the concerts or disturb other attendees. Attendees may also be expelled from a concert in progress if they disrupt it or disturb others.


The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the program. The attendee must accept delays and shifts of individual program items.


Limitation of liability
Liability for property damage and other damages is excluded unless the organizer acted with intent or gross negligence. The organizer is not liable for lost or damaged items. Entrance to the area is at one’s own risk.