Max Demian Band

rock’n’roll / soul

An utterly creative mix of music students, music freaks and vintage rockers from Berlin, Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt. With a line-up that is almost classically Sixties, the Max Demian Band cultivates the music of the last century, presenting songs from the soul, funk and rock era in all their glory yet in a modern guise. The symbiosis of good old Motown flair, musical passion and harmonious optics creates an acoustic whirlwind nobody can resist. The long-standing family friendships that cement this band together spill over into the audience and enrich every concert.


Laura Niemeyer: Vocals
Marian Kronbügel: Guitar
Nika Bredow: Bass
Patrick Siebert: Drums
Bernd Sauerwald: Percussion
Dima Vavilov: E-Piano
Max Zöllner: E-Piano
Maria Brand: Trumpet
Cheyenne Lange, Paulina Falky: Alto Saxophone
Hannes Röder: Tenor Saxophone
Detlef Konwissorz: Trombone