indiepop / folk / ambient electronica

It was a stroke of good fortune for everyone’s ears that the Irish-German trio around singer-songwriter Claire-Ann Varley met up in Berlin. A desire for change and a quest for electronic sounds to enrich her so far mainly acoustic folk prompted Claire-Ann to swap her home town Dublin for life in the German capital. Here she soon met up with Matze Heising and Joschka Bender and realized that all three had similar ideas about what they were looking for in music. Claire-Ann’s vocals are embedded in warm strings of acoustic guitar, earthy drums and mellow synths. Since last summer they have been performing in the bars and on the rooftops of Berlin, recording five tracks for their debut EP “Roamer”.


Claire-Ann Varley: Vocals, Guitar

Matthias Heising: Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keys, Sampler, Vocals

Joschka Bender: Guitar, Pedal Steel